June 2014


a cart for recycling workers in Turkey In Turkey, the collection of recyclable domestic waste is done mostly by street collectors (recycling workers), who work in hard conditions and without being registered. Saprofit is a cart that offers a practical and feasible solution for the…
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September 2017


a house buying system tailored for millennials Temp house buying system brings flexibility to buy a new house: the users can change their home whenever they want with the Temp service. service design | 6 weeks open innovation project on Jovoto online platform for Deutsche…
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November 2012

Tool House

a tool library and workshop for the residents of Çiğdem Mahallesi Tool House lends tools and hobby books to residents and organizes workshops about woodworking, home repairing etc. 6 weeks educational project | Middle East Technical University | Designed with my coworkers Ahsen Gülsen, Alev…
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