A Quest for a Transformable Shoe
Millennials enjoy the flexibility, and they value freedom. Most of the millennials started to wear sneakers to work thanks to the increase in flexibility in workplaces, and meeting with friends after work is popular. Inspired by these social phenomena, Dia is designed to satisfy the need for a work shoe which can transform to a casual sneaker.


Ideation sketches were drawn to study the transformation of the shoe.


The moodboard reflects the millennial lifestyle and the design trends on soft goods.


A Transformable Shoe Design for Millennials
Dia has a two-sided surface which enables the transformation from a regular work shoe to a casual sneaker. With a simple step, the user can change the look of the shoe within seconds.
Dia is a shoe design which tackles the trends and needs of the millennials, and their necessity for flexibility. Dia is not designed for any gender in terms of compliance with global trends in gender equality.

Colors & Textures

Different colors and textures, inspired by global visual trends, were included in the product family.


A Transformable Shoe Design for Millennials


The design was presented in Izmir Shoexpo Footwear and Bags Fair.