Use Scenario

Supporting the user to save water

Hands-free Water Control

While having a shower, the basic problem about water usage is using too much water because it is hard to control the water flow by a faucet lever when your eyes are closed. The structure of DuoBath Shower Tray enables the user to control water flow hands-free. In that way, DuoBath supports user to save water when he/she does not need water flowing.


An intuitive approach to the shower tray

Simplicity in Design

Intuitive approach of DuoBath reaches the completeness with its simple design language. The simple lines of DuoBath naturally harmonize with the minimalist shower design trends.

Easy to Clean

The parts of DuoBath are detachable for cleaning.

Innovative Structure

The dynamic architecture of DuoBath provides outstanding convenience with improved usability. Its innovative structure enables the shower tray to blend in with its environment naturally when not used.