Improving the User Experience

How to create a positive atmosphere?

Generally, waiting for a train is an inactive and boring time. SBB wanted to improve the quality of the waiting areas at their train stations. The aim was to turn them into homely zones where people cannot only wait but also work, relax and socialize.


Touch the Grass and Relax

Every moment matters

Oasis is a piece of multipurpose furniture which is intended to be used on a grass surface. Users can relax with touching grass and have a good time in this area. The form of the multipurpose seating unit enables the user to rest, work, swing, sit, and lie down while touching to grass. While entering the area, users can leave their shoes at ladders.

Simple but versatile

Oasis Seating Unit has a simple form which enables users to sit in different positions, have fun or work. The simplicity of the design provides outstanding usability and convenience.