Mass production of cheap meat

The Reality Behind Cheap Meat

Today, meat generally comes from industrialized farms, and the pressure to mass produce at minimum costs causes many problems like animal suffering. Lidl and Aldi, which are discount supermarkets in Germany, sell extremely cheap meat. Although cheap meat seems attractive to consumers, the reality behind these products is not seen by the consumers: animal suffering, health problems (for consumers), and the environmental effect of cheap meat.

The Goal

Greenpeace needed a striking key visual that can be used both for viral online campaigns, in print formats and for guerrilla street campaigns. The basic motivation of the Greenpeace campaign was to demand transparency from supermarkets about their meat products. If consumers become informed about the reality, they can make sustainable choices.


demanding transparency about cheap meat products
The design calls for consumers to demand transparency. Supermarkets are hiding the truth about cheap meat. The photographs behind the barcode stand for the hidden reality behind cheap meat. There are four different posters on the consequences of cheap meat: animal suffering, global warming, health risks, and forest destruction.


The barcode-photo idea can be used at crosswalks for Guerilla Street Campaigns.