Understanding the Millennials
Millennials have lower rates of home ownership than their parents. One of the barriers to buying a house is having uncertain future plans and mobile lifestyles.

Access, not ownership

"It's not just homes: Millennials have been reluctant to buy items such as cars, music and luxury goods. Instead, they're turning to a new set of services that provide access to products without the burdens of ownership, giving rise to what's being called a 'sharing economy'." Jeremy Rifkin, Author and Economist


A House Buying System Tailored for Millennials

Change Your Home, Anytime

Temp house buying system brings flexibility to buy a new house: the users can change their home whenever they want with the Temp service. Moreover, they have the advantages of owning a home.

No doubt buying a new home

Millennials want to be mobile so a house buying system which supports mobility and flexibility will suit them. A house buying system which enables the user to change the house easily and which offers flexibility in the payment plans will offer maximum mobility. Thus, users will not have any doubt when buying a new home.

/Temp Membership Points

Users collect the membership points which stand for "the right to own a proper house". After they collect enough point to own a house, the user will stop paying for the house. Users can upgrade the level of the house by paying for more points. Moreover, users can combine or transfer these points in cases like marriage or having a child.

Additional Services

/Temp house buying system includes additional services to mobilize users and improve the system.

Know your future home

"learn from the source" When users want to move to a new city, the service may arrange face-to-face meetings with the users who live in that city. So the users will benefit from their experiences when choosing a place to live.


“making it easy to move” When users want to move, Temp offers some companies that offer services like home moving, furniture, decoration, interior design services with discounts.


“flexible payment plan” Users can change their payment plan with negotiating the bank. They can pay more or less monthly.


A House Buying System Tailored for Millennials
A user interacts with the service through the web and mobile interfaces. The interface enables users to: > view history record > find new houses > use additional services like rearranging a payment plan > change service-related settings.