Dream Neighborhood

How to improve the life in Çiğdem neighborhood?

The main objective of the project was to rethink and re-contextualize the neighborhood life and activities through future sustainability scenarios developed by and for the stakeholders.

Participatory Design Process

The project included residents in the research and development phases. Future sustainability scenarios were investigated in collaboration with Çiğdemim Association (a local organization of the Çiğdem Neighborhood). The focus of this project was on co-developing and envisioning future “dream neighborhood” scenarios that enable and empower stakeholders (neighborhood residents, neighborhood association members, tradespeople, public officials, etc.) sharing the neighborhood.

Design Process

The neighborhood residents have taken part in various stages by directly participating in the process to structure the scenarios.


a tool library and workshop

A place for sharing

Generally, power tools are rarely used and not affordable for everyone. By collecting these tools in the Tool House, residents can create a more sustainable way of use. Moreover, they can satisfy their needs and share their experiences by using the library and the workshop of the Tool House.



Nermin Hanım, a resident of Çiğdem, sees a poster while shopping. The poster talks about a tool house project.

Getting Involved

Nermin Hanım gets interested in the project and goes to the Çiğdemim Association for detailed information.

Safety Seminars

She attends the "workshop use and safety" seminars given by the assistant of the Tool House.

Membership Card

Nermin Hanım is awarded with a membership card after the seminars.

Checking the Online Catalog

One day, Nermin Hanım decides to make a birdhouse, for which she needs a coping. She checks the online catalog if there any saws that can meet her needs.

Getting the Tool

Seeing that there is one, she goes to the Tool House to get it.

Use at Home

Nermin Hanım can use the saw in her home.

Use at the Tool House

Or she can use it in the workshop of the Tool House.

Attending Seminars

To find an answer to her questions during her project, Nermin Hanım attends seminars and exchanges ideas with the other members of the Tool House.

Using the Books

For further information about her project, Nermin Hanım uses the library of the Tool House.

Returning the Tools

Using the information she obtained and the tools she borrowed, Nermin Hanım finishes the birdhouse and returns the tools to the Tool House.