Designing with Empathy
Since several trend-setter white goods brands started to include "water dispensers" on refrigerators, Vestel, being an OEM brand which produces refrigerators, wanted to include a water dispenser for their refrigerators too. Although the brand did not schedule any user research phase in their design processes, I have tried to build empathy with the user by drawing possible use scenarios.


A Water Dispenser for Vestel Refrigerator

The Final Design

The final design was simplified to lower the costs. The design utilized a simple and clean look to be suitable for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) production. The design includes a LED light which turns on when the button is pushed. The light refracting along the water will emphasize the purification process of the dispenser and will create a pleasing look.

Proposals for a User Friendly Water Dispenser

New features to improve the interaction between the user and the product were proposed during the design process.

Two buttons & Detachable Spout

Two buttons will function the same, and the user can choose the button according to the use case. For example, a user can push the upper button outside the cavity when filling a bottle, because the inner button is not reachable. The detachable steel spout will be washed to sustain hygiene in long term.

The Expandable Surface

The base surface will expand to help the user when filling heavy containers like a cooking pot.

The Prototype

A working prototype was exhibited in IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) trade show at 2016. The water dispenser was integrated on the flagship French Door Refrigerator of the Vestel brand.